Glory Bound Farm & Rescue
1404 Busse Road • Marengo, Illinois 60152 • (815) 388-2594 • Affordable Boarding  Get Directions

Pricing and Services


Full Board — $350

Includes: 1/2 scoop of grain and 2 flakes of hay am/pm along with daily turnout on grass weather permitting. We can also feed any special supplement provided by you, per your instructions.

Pasture Board — $275

Includes: shelter in pasture, large round or square bails in larger herds or 2 flakes of hay am/pm. Dry paddocks are available. If you want to supplement with feed (strongly recommended during winter), you can supply a container and your feed of choice and we will bring your horse in 1-2 times per day to feed. Or, we can adjust your board to include your feed.

Track Lay-Up Stalls & Turnouts — $275 - $375

Customized care based on your horses needs. Call Jen for more info: (815) 388-2594.

Share Boarding

At any given time, there are usually a few horses available for share boarding. This is a really nice option if you'd like to ride during the summer (or more) but are unable to commit to the full care and expense of a horse. The owner would set the share boarding fee (a percentage of the horse's board), and they are responsible for the regular maintenance fees of their horse.

Just Want to Visit the Farm Hang Out With the Horses?

That is definitely an option. We have several retired horses that love the attention—especially grooming time or one-on-one time. Please call ahead and make an appointment if you'd like to visit the farm. Thank you.

Want to Learn How to Have a Horse of Your Own?

With over 40 horses on the property and experienced horse owners to talk to, there is ample opportunity to learn the basics by doing—feeding, cleaning, grooming, interacting, hauling, etc. Helping out is a great way to see if owing a horse and caring for it yourself is your path of choice—before committing, and we appreciate the help and the company!